Dave Jack

Audio Broadcast and Recording Equipment

Top-of-the-Line Location Recording Equipment

for Crystal Clear Audio

Today’s high-definition world requires that your audio be as crystal clear as your video. Excellent audio requires top of the line recording equipment. Take a look at some of what Dave has to offer:

• SoundDevices 633/664 mixer/recorder
• Wireless by Lectrosonics, Shure, Sennheiser
• Shotguns by Sennheiser, Shure, Schoeps
• Lavaliers by Sennheiser, Countryman, Sanken, Shure
• Smart Slates
• ComTek Systems
• Zoom H6 Recorder w/Full Accessories

Dave has a wealth of other equipment and experience available to enhance your production. Anything related to audio – Dave can help.

Whether you need a ENG recordists or a field recorder, Dave can provide you with crystal-clear, usable audio.

Contact Dave now for a free consultation of your equipment needs for on your next production.